We provide a truly customized approach to your commercial flooring projects and support throughout every phase of your project.

Commercial Flooring Services

Commercial Flooring Facilitators is proud to serve commercial customers throughout Texas. Our background in commercial flooring uniquely suits us to provide support to customers tackling a wide range of commercial flooring projects, including:

  • Tenant finish-out work
  • Common areas in commercial buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Department stores
  • Spas and salons
  • Restaurants
  • Medical office buildings
  • Lodging and entertainment

Unparalleled Breadth of Service and Support

At CFF of Texas, we believe our main differentiator is the level of service and support we have to offer. While many flooring providers simply sell you materials, we offer comprehensive services designed to get your project from planning to completion as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our commercial flooring experts offer guidance on each step in your project:

Planning: Accurately measuring the project area, selecting proper materials and estimating product needs are foundational steps in any flooring project. We offer on-site measurement services, and walk you through available materials to help you choose the best fit for your space and budget. By offering this planning support, we help you avoid sourcing issue, budget overruns and costly project delays.

Proposal: Once the planning phase is completed, we submit a detailed proposal for your consideration. The types of materials, amount needed and their cost, as well as the cost of installation are all included in the proposal. We are happy to help you tweak any aspect of the project plan to meet your goals.

Ordering: We source commercial flooring materials from several vendors. This allows us to order your materials at the best possible value. It also helps us meet tight schedules.

Installation: Our trusted family of commercial flooring installers offers nothing but quality work. Before work begins, we meet with you and the installation team to review the initial project plan. This ensures accuracy of the installation and helps to avoid costly changes after work has begun.

Ongoing support: We use nothing but the highest quality flooring materials for commercial applications. However, it is important to properly care and maintain the materials to maximize their longevity and appearance. We provide detailed care instructions, and are always available to assist with warranty and repair issues. 

At every step, we are here to help, to listen and to provide the support you need to get your projects done.

Contact Us to Begin the Commercial Flooring Planning Process

Managing complex commercial flooring projects can be a challenge, especially when other projects are underway. The commercial flooring team at CFF of Texas is here to help limit the stress and cost associated with your project. Contact us online or call 512-508-9262 to get started today.